Booking Information

Booking the jumping castle:

  1. Refer to Our Castle Range to decide the style, size and price (all our prices include GST) of the castle you like.
  2. When you have decided the jumping castle you want, call Just Jumping Castles on 0420 941 190

 On the Day of the hire:

  • We will deliver and install your chosen jumping castle before your chosen hire time begins, and it will be taken down after your hire time ends.
  • Unless otherwise arranged, the site for the jumping castle must be within 25 metres of an electricity point, and be on grass.
  • The chosen site must be large enough to accommodate the jumping castle, and be flat ground.
  • “There must be an access of at least 1.2 Metres in width to get the jumping castle to the set up site.”
  • We will instruct you in the operating instructions for the jumping castle, which will take about 5 mins. This will include an inspection of the jumping castle pointing out all the features.
  • Once the jumping castle has been installed, it must not be moved.
  • The set up should take about 15 mins to complete.
  • At the end of your hire period, we will return and remove the jumping castle, this should take about 20 mins to complete.
  • The castle must be in the same condition as we left it.
  • “We must be notified if there are more than 3 steps to get past to reach the set up site”
  • “Notification must be given when making your booking if the set up site is not on a grassed surface. Failure to advise us of this will be the hirer’s responsibility.”
  • “No Food, Drink, Lollies, Face Paint or Sharp Objects are permitted in the Castle. No Adults to enter children’s castles unless they are seated within the castle – max 1 adult at any one time.”
  • There will be a telephone number in case you need to contact us during the hire.
  • Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page for further information, or feel free to give Just Jumping Castles a call, we’re happy to help.